About The High Priestess

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The Growth Decoded Journey

  • Intro Session : June 11
  • 10:00am - 11:00am

In this journey we aim to help you evolve and reach your optimum potential with more space for growth . We turn our failures and fears into opportunities. Create fulfilling and fruitful lives. We not only help you balance your mind, body and soul. We help you build habits that bring momentum to your day to day mundane life, giving you great joy in living. Are you ready for this transformation?

  • Weeks 1,2,3
  • Learning about yourself

In these three weeks we pay attention to patterns of behavior, reactions to situations, responses to outcomes and how our mind reacts to everything. Starting from the first thing you say to yourself in the mornings, to the habits that are form your daily life.

  • Weeks 4 to 9
  • Reprogramming

During this phase we face our inner child, the side of ourselves we have hidden. We face our internal fears conditionings we are carrying, the pain, the hurt any internal trauma we face we talk openly. Acknowledging it and validating it

  • Week 10 to 13
  • Reprogramming

In the above set of weeks along with the trial error we understand how growth works for each one of us. Experimenting the new habit and mindset learn to navigate and learn our journey

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